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Seattle Acting Schools

As you grow as an actor you are going to need to find a place that lets you spread your wings and mature into a talented professional, who can step into any production and not only bring your own personality to a role, but a skill as well. If you live in the Seattle area there are many reasons you will want to attend Seattle acting schools. You may want to learn how to take direction in your acting to produce the best performance possible. Perhaps you want to be able to understand and live up to the expectations of others. Production experience is another great reason to find a good acting school in Seattle so that you can fill in that resume and find more promising roles. Most importantly entering an acting program will allow you to be pushed out of your comfort zone and try new things. Growth is the result when this happens and growth allows you to reach your potential. So here are a few good acting schools available in the Seattle area that you can attend.

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The University of Washington School of Drama
When you make the choice to pursue acting as a career, the most solid foundation you can build will bring success in a very competitive field all that much closer. The Bachelor of Arts in Drama available from the University of Washington will help build that foundation. You will be in a great position to not only become a talented actor, director or producer in the industry but you will have the skills to contribute to the world in other valuable ways. You will never exist in a vacuum of dramatic society; you will be encouraged to participate in all events and opportunities for intellectual development. This diversity in available courses to the students in the program can only bring a more deeply contemplated existence to every life.
There are a core group of competencies that are included within the curriculum of the School of Drama. A student will be encouraged to develop a detailed understanding or the history of the theatre and much of the literature that surrounds it. That means the a student will be exposed to the newest modes of performance education as well as the methods of traditional theatrical presentations. A student will also be challenged to build their own creative process. This practical critical thinking skill set will encourage collaboration and problem solving in the future for the production of unique and powerful performances in the art of acting. Finally a student will be encouraged to create an inner desire for academic and creative inquiry.
The elements that provide you with all of those skills stem from a balanced curriculum that continually provides a UW student to maintain a laser focus on scholarship, performance or design. The school believes this is best accomplished through the implementation of practical lab work, production experience as students work on productions seen on the schools main stage. For those students who excel and want to add a wider variety of culture to their experience there are opportunities for students to study abroad and gain the cultural experience of living outside of your comfort zone.
Freehold Theatre Lab/Studio
This great school says it all on their website; you are invited to act, move, write, direct and improvise. What else is there? A large part of the focus with the Freehold Theatre is providing it’s students with a safe place to experiment and to grow in their dramatic career. They encourage students to reach for those places in their acting that may make them a little uncomfortable. It is their belief that if you can step out of your comfort zone you will experience growth, on both an individual and personal level. Having a safe laboratory environment to grow without the fear of ridicule or harsh judgment allows a person to grow freely and well. Their mission is stated to engage artists in all ranks of training and experimentation so that a student can reach their heights as heartfelt and innovative performers in the theatre experience. They also promote having a positive impact on the community that you live in.
Freehold believe that when you participate in the theatre it should inspire those participating to embrace everything about the human experience and build the connections that link all people together. A dedication to all of the research, experimentation, training that allows the students and the productions they participate in to portray an honest truth to its audience. By doing this with your full talent, an actor will be able to illuminate the unseen and articulate the unspoken. You will certainly be reaching your potential if you can achieve all of these lofty goals. The Freehold program will allow you to do this.
The Columbia Gorge School of Acting
If you are a young person who loves acting and the theatre then the Columbia Gorge School of Acting is an experience you will want to have. This is a sleep away performing arts camp that is for kids of all ages and is located in easy proximity to the Seattle area. Young actors from all around the world gather to develop their skills and grow as actors at this camp. Columbia Gorge builds it’s reputation on creating a safe and supportive environment that is ripe for the growth of all. There is an environment free of harsh criticism that is supportive of all of their students. They are far more concerned with providing a positive experience in the theatre that will help them develop their love for performing. With the rigorous demands students are pushed to reach out of their comfort zones to improve themselves as people and actors.
There is a maximum enrollment at the school of 64 students which allows them to offer classes that are at a maximum of 16 students at any one time. That means that anybody attending will benefit from the diversity of students to expand their horizons. They will also experience the small, powerful classroom environment that will allow them to learn and experience everything they can glean from that experience.
There are many opportunities to participate in Seattle acting schools that anyone who wants to become involved in acting, regardless of age and experience will be able to join a school that allows a person to experience growth inside and out.

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Acting Schools inTexas

No matter where you go around the world, there are going to be people who dream of becoming a famous actor or actress. The draw of fame and fortune is powerful and motivates many to learn the craft of acting and improve their own individual skills to the highest level possible. People in Texas are no different when it comes to experiencing acting dreams. There are a number of great acting schools that a person can choose from in order to pursue their dream of fame. Texas Tech Department of Theatre and Dance If you are looking for an atmosphere of cooperation and growth as an actor then the Texas Tech Department of Theatre and Dance is for you. Located in Lubbock, this forward thinking program allows all of those interested in the art of acting to develop a well rounded base of skills that encompass all aspects of acting. A student pursuing a theatre arts degree will receive training in history, playwriting, directing, design, dance and stage management. You will be able to explore all areas of performing and learn what you have a special interest for. Students who live on campus also have the chance to live in the Fine Arts Learning Community, which is a special residential living program open to all students interested in the fine arts. This allows you to build connections with like minded people to collaborate and share ideas with. Your theatrical adventure will take you to unprecedented heights of learning as you become a vital part of the Texas Tech community. With a full production season schedule, as a student you will be able to find plenty of opportunities to gain a significant amount of experience as you write, direct, or perform in one of the great productions of the season. With a variety of comedies, musicals or original one act plays, there will be a genre for every interest a person has. Experience the full emersion into the expertise of acting, that will hone and develop your skills to potential you never dreamed existed. Baylor University Department of Theatre Arts If you are looking for an intensive acting experience that will train you in the skills you will need to become successful in the art of acting, in a close knit community atmosphere then the Baylor University Department of Theatre Arts is the place for you. It is stated in their mission statement that their goals as a program are not only to develop talented actors but successful, well rounded people who contribute to the world at large. You will be able to explore your own creative intuitions, and take risks dramatically within the safety of the drama department. Creativity is a community activity at Baylor University, and you can become a part of it. They provide many different types of workshops to finely tune all of the skills of actors. Each providing demanding scene work that provides a person with vital experience that will add to their resume as well as their academic record. If Musical theatre is you forte, the Department of Theatre Arts provides you with the opportunity to participate in many musical productions. You can even get individual voice lessons to improve your performance to it’s maximum potential. This vital stage participation teaches skills that can’t be gained in the classroom. The hands-on experience for directors and technical support people will become invaluable for all participants. Competition for admission into this program is extremely competitive, so that Baylor University can maintain the highest integrity in their acting program. Keeping the number of undergraduate students small will allow more opportunities for the students to gain experience and excel in their chosen fields. They are also able to maintain small dynamic classes that provide the type of personal instruction that allows students to excel. The University of Texas Department of Theatre and Dance This great program will enable a student to learn about the basics of an education in the theatre, while constantly developing themselves to reach for, and understand the ever changing modern demands of the theatre world. The UT Department of Theatre and Dance actively promote student awareness of the wide complexities which are an integral part of the creative theatre experience. This fine institution offers undergraduate degrees in dance, theatre or a combination theatre and dance. They also offer masters programs where a student can focus their attention on a specialization in acting, playwriting, dance, directing, drama or technical design. It doesn’t matter what your interests are in theatre arts this program can help you develop your skills and your intellect to their highest levels. To gain admission to the University of Texas Department of Theatre and Dance is going to take a commitment from a potential student. Like most theatre and dance programs the department of theatre and dance has the desire for small class sizes to provide the best academic experience and to allow for the most practical experience to be gained by these students, so that they will have the working tools to immediately find employment in the field and contribute to it. The first thing you have to do is apply to the University and fulfill all of the general admission requirements. That is required SAT scores, academic standing in your high school, community service requirements and the essay answer evaluation. Then once you are deemed qualified for the University of Texas, you application is then moved to the much more rigorous expectations of the Department of Theatre and Dance. This is where they try to determine your desire and talent for acting or dance. If you are entering the dance program then an audition is required. If you want to share the excitement of becoming a part of a truly interactive community that focuses on your development as a human being as well as an actor, then the University of Texas is for you. It doesn’t matter what your current skill level as an actor is, it matters where you want to go in the industry there are several great acting schools in Texas with internationally positive reputations. You can become a person that has the skills to reach their highest potential as a human being and sharing your skills and thoughts with the world.

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Acting Schools in Michigan

Just because you live in Michigan, doesn’t mean you don’t have dreams about being a famous actor in Hollywood or on Broadway someday. You may not quite know how to find the path that will take you to this dream, but you know that it has to be found. Fortunately for all of these types of dreamers in the greater Michigan area there are plenty of options to gain the education and experience necessary to help propel an individual toward the achievement of their dream. The purpose of this article is to help steer aspiring actors toward programs that will give them the tools to make their dreams of acting stardom come true. University of Michigan Schools of Music, Theatre & Dance This is an institution that has been teaching and perpetuating the arts since 1880. A performing arts school with one of the finest reputations in the country the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance can allow your dreams of stardom come to fruition. This is a conservatory style education with rigorous college requirements that all students must experience and maintain a high academic standing in to participate in the program. The University prides itself on providing instructors with rich and talented international reputations for excellence. This allows them to offer a wide variety of programs to students from those that are almost all performance based in their design to other classes that are more academically based. This gives all students the valuable experience of all types of academic exposure. The school touts a student body that is extremely talented in all aspects of life and Michigan graduates go on to achieve greatness in all levels of our society. It doesn’t matter what their chosen field is, a Michigan student is apt to show their exceptional ability and rise to the top, whether it is in politics or in acting. There is a small student body by design so the student faculty ratio is kept low enough to allow for the highest level of student-faculty interaction. The Michigan faculty work to create a very nurturing environment that is both challenging its students to reach for new heights of understanding and talent, but also provides a support that allows them to grow and understand when they do make a mistake. These are prime learning experiences that help build character and toughness that all actors need to thrive and survive. The vibrant campus atmosphere helps students stay surrounded by a feeling of community that makes students feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. The School strives to provide a comprehensive experience for all students, meaning that they strive to allow students to experience the best of both scholarship and performance. Wayne State University Department of Theatre This is a program for serious students who not only want to participate in and improve their skills in acting, but want to become a dynamic part of a theatre experience. The school provides a pre-professional experience that will help prepare an inexperienced individual to be ready to assume a career in the theatre. The students will be exposed to the full experience of the business of theatre. This means that they provide you with a performance curriculum where, obviously acting is emphasized, along with all of the other disciplines like production go along with it. Wayne State provides a significant number of opportunities to work on a variety of productions of all kinds. The undergraduate program has its own theatres that are independent of the graduate program. Therefore the undergraduates will not have to compete for roles with graduate students and be able to progress at their own ability level. One of the best features of the undergraduate programs is that students are allowed to audition right from the moment they walk on campus as a freshman. What better way to grow as an actor then to have your skills finely tuned by acting. Even if you are interested in design or stage management you will be allowed to become actively involved in these disciplines as a WSU undergrad. Practicing all aspects of your craft will help move you toward becoming a master. Located in one of Michigan’s largest cities of Detroit, a student is able to experience the city campus living that will help broaden individual horizons as well as growing as a skilled actor. If a student applies for the Bachelor of Arts program with a theatre major there are high academic requirements that must be met, including high school class work, essays, and SAT scores. There is no audition for the University admission progression. If a student wants to be accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts program with a major in theatre, they will have to choose a minor concentrating on one of the performance arts. A student must finish a successful audition and interview as a part of the prerequisite course of study. This will most often take place when the sophomore year of course requirements is completed. Oakland University’s Department of Music, Theatre and Dance (MTD) When a student wants to study the arts of acting, one of the most prestigious in Michigan is located at Oakland University. They offer wonderful opportunities to gain both the educational experiences in the classroom and the practical performing experiences from student productions that are constantly being produced through the theatre department. The school offers a unique mix of undergraduate and graduate studies that will help propel a prospective professional from raw actor to a more finished acting product. The faculty is the reason that so many talented dancers, musicians and actors choose to attend this school, because they provide all of the experience and expertise that a student can require to become a successful actor. To apply for admission to the program, a prospective student simply has to first apply for admission into Oakland University and fulfill the academic requirements for that process. Then once accepted to the school, you can choose to begin the process of applying for an audition in your chosen field either music, dance or most importantly theatre. Then the easy process continues, as students fill out the correct forms and return it to the school. Along with the application for an audition a student sends a performance resume. The University will acknowledge the receipt of this information. You select the audition date and then you show your stuff. This is a program that is intensive and collaborative. Students are allowed to pursue and develop their goals under the expert tutelage of the faculty and staff of Oakland University. They will help make your performance dreams come true.

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Acting Schools in Florida

When you live in one of the sunniest and most pleasant places on Earth, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have dreams of leaving the sunshine behind and pursuing a dream of acting. Perhaps a career in movies is what the dream is made of, or maybe it is the fantasy of acting on stage in a crowded theatre in New York City. No matter what form the dream takes, you have the choice as to how you pursue that dream. You can simply go to New York or Los Angeles and try to rely on your good looks and luck to produce a career for you. Or you can do something a little smarter, find an acting school in Florida and get some valuable training in the art of acting. This will allow you to get a role in a local production, gain some experience and start to build a resume to go along with your good looks. There are several great choices of acting schools in Florida to choose from and this article is going to try to educate you. University Center for the Performing Arts When a student is attending this school it means that a person will be going to the premier performing arts school in southern Florida. Either children or adults can attend this institution and receive the finest training in the art of acting. Actors will be able to explore and challenge not only themselves but their peers and instructors own ideas about acting. Each student is encouraged to help grow their talent and skill as performers. All performers are taught and encouraged here in acting, dance and music. This is not a place that works on developing a recital for students; it is a place that develops acting skills. Any student that is interested in gaining experience through performance will be encouraged to do so in this rigorous training program. There are a constant stream of student productions, workshops and musical events that provide students of all interests with the opportunity to stretch themselves and their skills to the limit and achieve artistic growth. Several performing arts companies consider the University Center for the Performing Arts as a home base for their productions, using the student body to fill most of their productions. If you are interested in getting your children involved in acting, the UCPA is perfect for providing proper training for children who like to perform and want to learn more. There are classes available to help develop the skills of a young person in dance, theatre, or music as well as their famous summer camps where an individual child can gain all kinds of experience doing what they love with their peers. This type of interaction with students and staff can have a lifelong influence. Florida State University- College of Motion Picture Arts The College off Motion Picture Arts (CMPA), has established bylaws to help all involved in the school know that they are receiving a fair and honest education when it comes to developing the skills that may lead to a career in the acting industry. The Directors Guild of America recently recognized This Florida State program for its contribution to the culture of the world. That is why CMPA has a limited enrollment of the best and brightest students in the country today. The minuscule enrollment allows the program to guarantee the finest education to those that are attending the school. They are able to maintain a small core of highly dedicated and well trained students that can achieve the high standards that the college has set for advancement. When you attend this film school you are going to be using the best equipped educational facility of its kind for the education of film production. State of the art sound stages, technically advance standard mix studios are all at your finger tips for daily use, so that all students develop the hands on skills they require to be successful. This is a twenty four hour a day production teaching program that helps to produce the most motivated and highly talented film makers in the country. If you have been interested in becoming an actor in movies and film, the Film School holds open auditions several times a year, usually in September and then later in April, so that you can actually be used in a production on film. This can provide you with experience that will help build a resume and provide work that can be used in a portfolio of your work, to help get you other work as well. Atlantic Arts Academy This is a Florida school that will help instruct you in the arts of acting. You will be instructed in a variety of acting techniques, scene study, improvisation, how to project and use your voice as well as how to use your physical self as a tool for acting. All levels of interest can be addressed by the drama division of the Atlantic Arts Academy. Improvisational theatre is the groundwork that most of the productions are built around. Within the structures of improve, all are taught the storytelling fundamentals that are so key to portraying a character in the proper manner. These include scene building, character development and of course storytelling. A student in this program will have equal opportunity to develop their skills in comedic and dramatic productions, so that they will be required to reach beyond their current experience to reach all of their potential. Having a positive forum to develop your ability to speak a monologue in a dynamic and powerful way is just one of the many skills that a student will gain from this work. Even more importantly is the teaching of how to use your voice and body. Using your voice as an instrument that can clearly project the sounds of your craft clearly to the genre of the movies or the back of a crowded theatre is one of the most important skills an actor can develop. When it comes to movement, there is a knack and talent for using your physical movements to accentuate a point in a dialogue or a plot of a production. The Acting classes are kept to a minimal level so that all students are able to reach their potential and receive individual attention.

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Acting Schools in Chicago

When you are living in the windy city, you may think that because you are so far the bright lights of New York or the sound stages of Hollywood, you may believe that you will have a hard time receiving great acting training. There are many fine institutions that can give you a classical training in acting that will help propel you to a career on the stage or the silver screen. It doesn’t matter if an actor needs to work on projecting their voice so it can be easily heard in the back of a theatre, or if they need to have the physical training that allows you to display your emotion with a movement. Finding the right acting school in one of the biggest cities in the world is not a daunting task. Soon you will be on your way to stardom. The Green Room- an Actor’s Studio This is a conservatory-style program that will challenge actors and actresses of all ages and levels of ability. There are two different levels of training available. Each student must begin in level one and attend a free workshop and audition for the program. Once that requirement is completed then you can begin to receive your training. Classes for both levels begin at the same time and they will consist of seven hours of coaching each and every week. Dedicated instructors will help you develop your skills in auditioning, stage acting, character development, working with a camera and how to use the movement of your body to accentuate your acting not detract from it. There are also many voice lessons that are designed to help aspiring actors to both project and enunciate their voices in an appropriate manner. There are three levels of development which occur at eight-week intervals. They can be taken one right after the other or with a break in between. The best way to learn the craft of acting is to do it in a traditional conservatory style, with a community of like minded individuals. The Green Room allows all aspiring actors to get the best training for a fraction of the cost. One of the best services that the Green Room supplies for its students is called the Actor’s Slate. This is a unique filming provided by Chelsea Studios of LA that produces a short film of a relaxed interview of you and ads in some highlights of your acting experience. This is that next best thing to being in LA and auditioning for talent scouts yourself. In fact, because of the Green Room’s stellar reputation, many of the actors sending in Actor’s Slate productions will receive serious consideration. Acting Studio Chicago It makes no difference if you are totally new to acting or an experienced member of the theatre, Acting Studio Chicago will provide you with the experience that you need. If you are a new actor, you will want to learn all of the basics, of voice and movement to help you become a competent actor. If you are more experienced then you may want to just finely tune your already deep acting talent. Either way, the Acting Studio Chicago is the place that can help make your dreams of stardom come true. Founded in 1981, this fine school has been developing curriculum that will help actors of all levels and ages succeed in chasing their dreams. They base all of their training on the twelve guideposts of esteemed acting instructor, Michael Shurtleff. These have become the focus of all of the activities that take place in this school. They continually work to demystify the acting process and find total creativity through action. If you are the creative type that likes to learn in a hands-on manner then this training is for you. The school prides itself on maintaining the integrity of its training by keeping the class sizes small. Most are limited to only twelve students but on special occasions the number has been raised to fourteen, but never more, so that all who are being trained can be sure that they will receive individual one on one attention to help them hone their skill. This is an acting school and not a production group, but they can certainly help you gain some auditions. They will encourage your growth and potential so that you can experience your talent and stretch it to allow yourself to grow. Located in Chicago, it is a bustling urban setting that encourages individual growth and collaborative effort to include all acting levels. Most of their acting coaches are available for private coaching sessions to help a student develop their on camera or on stage presence. Act One Studio This is a great acting school that offers a plethora of classes for all levels of students. They start at the beginning level to the intermediate and then to the more advanced. A student will receive in depth training that will fully prepare them to participate in a production on stage, in the movies or on television. Act One Studio offers one of the most intensive Meisner programs available in the city of Chicago. This is an intensive series of acting skills that build on one another to supply the participant with a full range of highly developed skills. These are an American training technique that is highly followed all over the country to produce competent actors and actresses. There are also in depth training seminars available for students to attend and learn from. They are designed to give you an overview of the acting industry, from breaking into the Chicago theatre scene, to learning about the rigors of the acting life in California. These are taught by individuals with significant experience and training. You will learn how to deal with agents who can work for you and find you work. There is information about casting directors and how to catch their attention so that you can get that big break. They even teach you about joining an acting union and the benefits that will come with that. When you live in Chicago there is no reason not to follow your dreams, when it comes to acting. There are a multitude of opportunities that exist just for you, all you have to do is knock on the door of opportunity and walk inside.

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New York Art Schools

Many people have looked at themselves and considered themselves an artist. They thrived on developing their artistic talents. It didn’t matter if it was drawing, painting, music or any other form of expression that can be labeled as an artistic endeavor. The faces of the young have changed over the years, but the fact that anyone who is serious about developing as an artist must study in New York City has been a constant. New York is not only the biggest city in the United States but it also touts a population that is so diversified that it would be difficult to single out a stereotype of what the city is like. This diversity has worked as a magnet to the artistic in the world to gather and share their creative views of the world. With over eighty museums there is a rich cultural history that will envelop you, and draw out your talent if you let it. With that in mind it is not difficult to imagine that there are many art schools in the city that never sleeps, each offering you a particular curriculum to guide your artistic development. With the backdrop of the cultural Mecca that is New York, the lessons you learn will be able to quickly be applied to a canvas, critiqued and learned from. Not from your college professors but by the city itself.  The goal of this article is to give you an idea of some of the choices that are available to you in the manner of art schools. School of Visual Arts- 209 East 23rd Street Located in Manhattan the School for Visual arts (SVA) is a well respected art school in the entire United States. Established in 1947 originally being called the Cartoonists and illustrators school, it was renamed in 1956. You will be able to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in your basic four year one hundred and twenty credit hour course load. Which is pretty typical but one of the best things about this school is the time you will spend in the studio, With seventy two hours of studio classes, and twelve credits in art history, you will be given a solid background in art that will benefit you as an artist, but also help your development as an individual. Some of the more popular degrees are offered in advertising, animation, cartooning, computer art, computer animation and visual effects. You will have the experience of a living in a big city and enjoying the best education for an animator or designer offered anywhere in the world. Parsons The New School of Design- 66th Fifth Avenue Since its founding in 1896 Parsons The New School of Design, has been a trail blazer in art and design education. Parsons has created some of the most successful artists, designers, business people and citizens of the world that have ever existed. Today as our world becomes more and more complex in its issues, Parsons is still working to provide creative design answers to the most difficult questions. There are new approaches being designed and implemented each and every day. Parsons offers a great variety of program options in their various schools, they are the School of Art and Design History, School of Art, Media and Technology, the School of Constructed Environments and the School of Design Strategies. If you are an aspiring artistic designer of any kind then this is the school for you. Department of Fine Arts & Institute of Fine Arts, New York University When it comes to a dedication to advanced research and graduate teaching in archaeology, the history of art and the technology of conserving works of art you will not find a more dedicated institution than the Department of Fine Arts.  This fine institution uses it’s location as a focal point to allow the faculty and students to become intricately involved in teaching the public and leading the public dialogue about the discussions concerning art. Leading world renowned lectures and conferences that have helped to shape the study of art around the world today. You will be able to gain degrees such as Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy; you can join the conservation program or look to join the Ph.D. program. They will give you the skills necessary to have a career in university teaching, independent research, museum work, art conservation or in art criticism. If you have an interest in art and feel that the preservation, understanding or education surrounding the artwork of the world is important than going to school here is probably something you should look into. You will have an opportunity to gain the deepest understanding of your discipline that is available anywhere in the world. Some of the best thinkers, problem solvers and developers have graduated from this school, and much of the art that we can see and enjoy today is because of their diligent scholarship. Pratt Institute – 200 Willoughby Avenue When you make the decision to attend the Pratt Institute, you have made the choice to attend one of the most highly regarded and prestigious art educational facilities in the world. Located in the most powerful city in the United States, the Pratt Institute works to fulfill its basic mission to teach creative pros and artists to be productive contributors and members of society. Students at Pratt are encouraged to become leaders in their professions. The solid foundation in liberal arts and sciences allows a student to combine the theory of the classroom experience with the skill of applying these theories to actual practice. When you have the tremendously motivated students who want to challenge themselves to finely hone their talent for whatever field they are in, you will find that excellence will follow. Allowing students to reach their full potential is the ultimate goal for Pratt, the faculty and the student body. With Pratt, you are bound to reach your full potential as an artist or creative pro and contribute greatly to the world.    



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Acting Schools in Atlanta

There are many people in the world that have a dream of becoming an actor and performing on the biggest stages in front of the biggest audiences. You may want to be a Hollywood actor who spends their time working on movies both big and small, or perhaps you have always loved the theatre and would like to act on a stage in New York City. It is ok to dream, because there are many places around the country that can help you develop your skills for acting. If you live in the Atlanta area that is particularly true. Becoming an actor or actress is a simple matter of developing all of the skills of the trade and then learning to use them in a way that allows you to project yourself into another character, totally removed from your own. There are several great options, right in the Atlanta area, of acting schools that will give you the raw material that you can turn into stardom. The Company Acting Studio This wonderful acting studio for professionals offers classes for kids, teen and adults. One of the most intimidating processes in the acting business is going on auditions for films, television, commercials or the state, this school helps you develop your skills so that you will be able to master the large cattle calls that often surround auditioning for a par. The education you can receive here is extensive as you can build a rock solid foundation in all parts of the acting profession. Their core philosophy is that you have to develop the intricacies of the characters you play until the truth and believability of the character can be recognized. Students are encouraged to approach roles, scripts and scenes with a high level of creative thinking and use their imaginations to create something that is totally new. Bringing characters and ideas to life is the goal of the techniques and skills that you develop at the Company Acting Studio.   Nick Conti’s Professional Acting Studio If you are looking for a well rounded experience in acting and you live in the Atlanta area, then the Nick Conti Professional Acting Studio may be the place for you.  Not only do they offer classes for all ages of aspiring actors they also offer lessons for different experiences of actors, beginner, intermediate or advanced. You will be able to take part in dynamic acting experiences that will teach you the basic foundation of skills that you will need to fit into any acting situation, be it in film, on television, in commercials or on a Broadway Stage. You will be able to really get into many different parts as you participate in this ongoing program. Improve classes are offered so that a person can work on developing the skills that allow the true artist inside each one of us to come out. If you have a vision for directing you can also work on this here as well. Nick Conti’s Professional Acting Studio has really managed to create not only a great learning ground for actors of all levels but also a community of characters that supply critique as well as strong support for all of their members. The instructors really seem to take joy in watching their charges move through each level of the acting experience. As the aspiring actor progresses, they seem to be moving right up the ladder with them, one after another. The Blueprint Acting Studios The most successful endeavors are always those that begin with a solid plan, and that is exactly what the Blueprint Acting Studios will give you to help you achieve your dreams of the stage or the silver screen. They have a simple philosophy that to be the best you need to be instructed by the best, and they try to provide the most talented and motivated staff that you can imagine.  In order to live up to your potential, they believe that you have to be challenged to push yourself beyond what you believe your limits to be. They have built their reputation on being able to bring the knowledge, experience and passion that will allow you to develop your craft of acting to the highest level possible. They really give you the abilities to take your characters from the page to the stage. You will be led on a powerful journey from the beginning of your education where you will learn the basic fundamentals of voice and body and then pushed through a series of acting situations which will allow those skills to be developed even more. As you are learning, you will be exposed to many different types of materials, characters and situations that will allow you to understand yourself as an actor. This will give you the ability to understand where you are highly skilled and where you need work. This is an experience for the more serious of aspiring actors. Dorsey Studios For the Performing Arts This school understands that there is no cookie cutter solution when it comes to teaching the art of acting. Dorsey Studios provides a powerful curriculum that allows an actor to recognize their strengths and build on them while simultaneously improving on their weaknesses. You will develop skills as an actor in this program, but you will have the flexibility to find your passion in the way that works best for you. You will be taught by people who are working currently as actors or directors so they all bring a sense of professionalism with their instruction. There are people who have excelled academically to those who have starred in many Broadway productions. What better way to find success than to follow the lead of someone who has already achieved it. Dorsey Studios were founded in 1977 and have a long list of successful acting students, who have been able to hone their skills to the fine tuned level of success. This program has proven its power over the course of the past thirty five years. The protégés of Dorsey have gone on to collect over five hundred credits in stage, film, Broadway shows and even commercials. It is a proven fact that over ninety five percent of students who study at Dorsey for at least four quarters find professional acting work somewhere in the industry.

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Acting Colleges in California

All across the world there are people who dream of going to California and breaking into show business as an actor. However to make these dreams come true, an individual is going to need to develop the basic skills of acting so that you can act in a professional manner. Learning to project your voice like an instrument and use your body to relay information and to sell lines are valuable skills that you need to have a handle on before you can hope for success in acting. In the acting industry just like in life, it’s often not what you know; it’s who you know that counts. Choosing to attend an acting college in California can help you build the network of contacts that will keep you working in your dream job for your entire career. The purpose of this article is to review acting colleges in California, so that an aspiring individual will have at least an inkling of knowledge in making a very difficult decision. There are literally hundreds of different options to choose from so paring down the list can be time consuming, but with such a variety to choose from you should be able to find an acting college that will perfectly fit your needs. The UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television When you start the list of schools for acting in California, you may as well begin at UCLA, where they have set their goals to educate future actors to enlighten, connect and look to inspire change that makes the world a better place. You will be encouraged to develop your skills as a storyteller, and to become a leader in your industry. Students at this school become a part of a highly recognized force, that has captured the imagination of the world. You can expect to be showcasing you talent along with other students and staff members at festivals and conferences all over the world.  A student receives training in all forms of acting available. Being able to compare your skills to those of the most talented individuals in the world ought to be quite a draw as well. You will receive a head start in a very competitive industry when you decide to attend the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television; because they will help you design a blueprint for success that you will be able to follow throughout your career. You will definitely get the technical training to help make you the best entertainer you can be, but almost as importantly, you will have a built in method for building connections. First off, you will be performing in productions that will be seen by many people. That exposure adds to your credentials and allows you to build a solid reputation in the field. Who knows where those performances might take you. Secondly you will be able to plug into the very large and successful alumni network of the school. Directors and producers are going to be far more likely to hire someone who attended the same college that they did. In an industry that is as competitive as acting, every advantage you can get is a good thing. USC School of Dramatic Arts This school provides excellent training in a conservatory setting, combining a tremendous training ground for young actors with the overall academic experience of a research institute. You will be able to delve into your artistic passions in the safe sanctuary of the USC School of Dramatic Arts. One of the greatest ways to achieve greatness in any profession is to be allowed to try and to be allowed to fail. If you learn from every failure, it then becomes a valuable lesson in what not to do. These failures and successes will allow students to become leaders in every area of the dramatic arts. The facilities available to this institution are really second to none, with five theatre facilities at their disposal. They have the Scene Dock Theatre, the Bing Theatre, the Massman Theatre, the Village Gate and the McClintock Theatre. This is great for students because the school is able to produce approximately twenty productions each year which allows you to really gain experience in a number of different styles of acting. All students are encouraged to gain as much experience professionally as they can, by participating in internship programs for academic credit. The college has a great partnership with one of the nation’s leading professional theatre’s the Center Theatre Group. You can intern in areas that will give you a wide range of experience from performing to gaining valuable administrative experience. Because of it’s Unique location this college provides you with an almost unequalled opportunity to build your contacts, and make developing your career much easier. Just being able to be an active participant in the day to day workings of the productions, will allow your obvious talent to get noticed by people who may be able to help you onto the next step of your career. Stella Adler School of Acting If you are looking for a great acting training program that aspires to enrich our collective humanity through the dramatic arts, then the Stella Adler School is the college for you. Their location is in Los Angeles and this is a non-profit arts organization. They are motivated by the idea that as you grow as a person, so will you grow in your endeavors in the art of acting. Their Theater training is said to provide an individual with the training, tools and the discipline necessary to excel in this very competitive field. There is a real connection that is nurtured by the school between the development of the person who is studying to making the world in which they will apply those studies a much better place. Students here can expect to be involved in community outreach programs to bring the arts to those who are less fortunate then themselves. To performing in low cost productions that people from all financial backgrounds can enjoy and learn from. This help’s individuals of lesser means to reap the benefits that the arts can provide any soul.

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Top Acting Colleges In the United States

Since the beginning of the movie industry, and we have watched actors and actresses play out the scenes that have captured our imagination. It seems like acting would be an easy trade to learn, but once you start to attempt to act on a stage, you soon realize that there are many things to learn. One of the best ways to learn how to develop your craft of acting, going to college with acting as a major may put you on the fast track towards stardom on stage or even on the silver screen. Once you have made the decision to head to college for acting, now you have to make a decision as to where to go. All acting colleges are not created the same and if you want to make acting a career, you had better go where you will receive the best training in the field that you can find. Based on research conducted over a period of time we have decided to inform you about our top four choices when it comes to the best acting colleges. Keep in mind that what is going to work for some is not going to work for others, some people need a lot of guidance and some need more of an ability to do what works for them. All four of the acting colleges in this article have very competitive admission policies and practices so if you are fortunate enough to get admitted into a school to pursue your passion for acting, then get the most out of it. Boston University School of Theatre This is one of the most impressive conservatory that is well known for it’s laid back atmosphere allowing students some freedom to develop as individuals and as artists. There is no doubt that the staff and students express and feel a significant amount of passion about pursuing the craft of acting. Each student is given a wide spectrum of acting techniques that they can choose to implement and work on as they develop as actors. This is called the toolbox approach, meaning simply that as you master individual skills of voice and movement you will then be able to add them to your “toolbox” of skills, to use whenever a project comes up for you that can use that specific skill. When it come to the admissions process it is an even fifty-fifty split between the audition of a student and the academic standing of a student. That means that as you prepare for the admissions process you had better keep your grades up as well as your raw skill as an actor. It was reported in a recent year, that there were over seven hundred total applicants to Boston University’s School of Theatre. Of that number between ninety and a hundred students were accepted with forty five attending. Meaning only about six percent of the candidates who apply actually get into school. The tuition for a year at the school is approximately $53,000, so you had better save your pennies. This was the first recommendation because of how they stress learning at one’s own speed, in a safe, creative and community atmosphere. California Institute Of the Arts This is a conservatory that is often referred to as the Juilliard of the West, made my list because of the freedom that acting students are allowed to experience in their development. It is not a group that focuses on just one method or your doing it wrong. The school is often referenced as being experimental, which is the way a school promoting development in the arts should be. Nothing great would have ever been created in art, science or literature if there was no experimentation. That being said, if you are the type of learner or performer who needs solid structure to achieve success, this off-beat edgy program may not be for you. Gaining a global perspective is a focus of almost forty percent of your classes. These critical studies classes are provided with an eye toward creating a productive citizen of the world not just a narrow minded actor or actress. Any program that promotes that kind of global mindset is great with me. There is a lot of focus on movement and voice as you develop in your skill throughout your four years at the school. Being in California you will have a lot of opportunities to make connections in the industry and to find work in television, film or even as a voiceover artist.  They also offer an exclusive semester spent abroad in Scotland. Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama This Pittsburgh based school is our third choice because of the structured curriculum that this very highly regarded acting school provides for it’s students. This is a conservatory program but has grown out of a university. The Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama is the first to develop in this manner. Some would say it is the finest in the country. We will not go that far but we will put them in the top four. The curriculum is designed to guide all actors though the craft of acting and in the end produce competent actors and actresses that will ideally have an impact on film and stage for many years to come. The learning process begins in your freshman year as you are coached in the basic skills every actor needs. You are taught how to start using your mind, body and voice appropriately as an actor. They call the sophomore year the transformation year, in which you are supposed to sharpen and hone your basic skills while moving on to more difficult material, like Shakespeare. In the junior year it is called the interpretation year. The techniques are expanded by introducing other styles of acting, and students are able to work with graduate playwrights and directors, gaining valuable experience in acting. Public performances are often and allow for critical evaluation. As a senior, you enter your bridge year, between learning your trade and applying it. There is even more performance, opportunities to go abroad. This is a chance to showcase you abilities to the entire industry in New York and California. Like all of the schools we have mentioned admission is very competitive, so only the very best and most dedicated will be admitted. Of the 1200 applicants every year, only twenty eight are accepted. The cost of tuition is $53,660. In this case admission is mostly about your talent, eighty percent of your admission is based on your audition and twenty percent on your academic record. You should get practicing. The Juilliard School, Drama Division Last but not least on our list is the Juilliard School Drama Division, if all the world is a stage and we are merely players than the best may just come from this acting school. Known for the highest level of training actors and artists, this conservatory style program pushes it’s students to their maximum level of effort. If you are not a dedicated student who wants to be totally immersed in acting, you should shy away from here. They are known to keep their students working from 9AM to 10:30PM on nearly all days of the week. Juilliard encourages the students in the acting program to develop a process that works best for them, rather than teaching one particular style or technique over another. There is also the advantage of going to school in the heart of New York City, which can be invaluable as you make connections in the industry that may be able to help you as you move your career along. Getting admitted to Juilliard is going to be quite a challenge, they audition over one thousand hopeful applicants each year, however the freshman class will begin with only twenty lucky and talented students. As you might expect the application process mostly weighs your audition, academics are not as important as talent to them. Tuition for this school is about $46,000 to attend this fine acting school.    

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