Do You Want an Interior That Reflects Aussie Lifestyle? Check This Out

Since Australia is surrounded by impressive coastline plus abundant sunshine, it is no wonder that it has topped the list of world’s happiest countries for three consecutive years now. If you live in Australia, like in Perth for instance, you might want to style your home to jive with your surrounding area to achieve that true-blue Australian theme. You can find inspiration for interior designs at or browse magazines to help you style your interior.

Most Aussie homes have a laid-back, open and fun interior themes. This also makes for a timeless, personal and distinctive style that are simple and elegant at the same time. The secret to an aesthetically pleasant and functional space are good interior design firms Perth WA offers and the creative use of available space, as what interior design mavens advise in

Below are ways on how you can achieve a timeless laid-back look of most Aussie homes.

  • Use Nature as Your Inspiration. Australia is blessed with beautiful views. Whether you live near the beach or near rainforests, you can find a lot of inspirations outdoors that you can incorporate into your interior design. Aussies love outdoors and bringing in outdoor elements are popular interior styles you can see throughout Australia. Creating a seamless space with large glass doors is one way you can bring the outdoors in.
  • Choose open plan layout. If you want a seamless transition through various areas in your home, you can opt for open plan design. One example is your kitchen, dining, and living areas. Having a cohesive theme, colour scheme, and lighting styles throughout all these spaces will help create a seamless relationship. For more information, visit us at YU Interior.
  • Strike a balance between aesthetics and comfort. Aussies mostly enjoy favourable weather throughout the year that is why going outdoors is a popular leisure activity. That is why when choosing the flooring, timber is a favourite material in most Aussie interiors because of its natural aesthetic appeal, durability, and visual softness. You can then add some rugs for variety and to add texture.
  • Choose clean and simple lines. If you want a seamless interior, be sure to opt for streamlined fixtures, fittings, and appliances. You can either select fixtures that match your interior colour scheme or mix it up to have varying styles and textures. The key is to make sure your accents are tied together with the rest of your interior design so it will not be all over the place.
  • Bring in the beach. Australia is surrounded by so many splendid beaches and Aussies are equally proud of their coastal life. To continue that theme into your home, you can make use of beach elements, natural materials and neutral, sandy colour palette.

If you want to have a functional interior that reflects a true-blue Aussie lifestyle, make sure to plan ahead and focus on the kind of theme you want for your home. With the many design ideas you can find online like the trusted YU Interior Designers in Perth WA in or from, designing your home can now be done with ease. If you think interior designing is challenging or you do not trust your expertise, you can easily talk to experts at and have them design your home to your heart’s content.