Tried and Tested Energy Saving Tips for Commercial Fridges

While it’s true that commercial fridges and freezers are essential in restaurants, supermarkets, and fast food outlets, they also require lots of cash to run. Essential to food operations and grocery stores, commercial fridges operate round the clock to keep items cold or frozen. No wonder commercial fridges Brisbane wide consume around 17,000 kilowatts of electricity whereas freezers consume around 38,000 kilowatts. This sometimes results in high electricity bills.

Commercial fridges Brisbane has today that earned the ENERGY STAR rating are 20 percent more economical than regular models. Since they are designed with elements like ECM evaporator and condenser fan motors, high-efficiency compressors, or hot gas anti-sweat heaters, you will notice a considerable decrease in energy consumption and utility bills. Selecting energy-efficient models and creating a couple of operational changes can make a big difference to your electricity bills. While commercial refrigeration sales Melbourne wide are high among business owners, it is also important to consider its energy consumption rate. Below are a few tried and tested ways on how you can save on energy while using commercial fridges.

  • Keep the cooling system clean – Ensuring the condenser and evaporator coils are dust-free helps improve heat transfer, therefore lowering the amount of energy used. It is also a smart idea to follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for equipment maintenance. Cleaner coils optimise the heat transfer within the refrigerations system and consume less energy.
  • Install motion detectors for case lighting – How many times have you ever gone into your walk-in commercial fridge or deep-freezer only to realize that somebody has left the light on? To avoid this dilemma and save on your energy bills, consider putting in motion sensor lighting that automatically switches on once someone enters and switches off once more when they leave. You can also upgrade to LED lighting in refrigerators as they give off less heat as well as consumes less energy and lasts longer.
  • Ensure that gaskets have a decent seal – This prevents heat, damp air from coming into the refrigerator that forces it to work tougher so the inside remains cool. The cooler your refrigerator, the less energy is consumed and minimise wastage of food. Door gaskets and seals will be problematic from time to time and a leaky seal will cause heat air to enter the refrigeration compartments if it’s not functioning correctly. Not only will it lead to energy wastage, it would also spoil your food. So make sure that all seals and gaskets are in good working condition all the time.

Commercial fridges Brisbane wide are designed and tested in view of business operations. That is why commercial refrigeration sales Brisbane stores offer usually target restaurant owners. They are expected to keep food items in good temperatures even when placed in a hot kitchen and despite frequent door openings. Commercial fridges and freezers that meet these new criteria will provide crucial savings funds to commercial kitchen services.

There are various ways that restaurateurs and managers can change their refrigeration items and methods to diminish energy use. Some of them are amazingly simple and moderate. Others might be more work-intensive or costly when you think of the initial investment, yet can pay off immensely down the road. If you want to look at commercial refrigeration sales Sydney shops offer, you can visit the nearest shops that sell fridges or you can also visit for more details.