Prepare for a Nerf War and Win with These Tips

Want to go home a victor after a Nerf war?


Then, you need to gear up and get ready for the battle. No one ever goes into war without the right weapon and come out of it alive, much less unscathed. Well, okay, it happens in movies but not in real life.

With that in mind, get your pen and paper ready and start a list of tips and tricks.

How to Get ready to Go on a Nerf War

Select and ready your weapons

With a range of Nerf products to choose from, you’re sure to be armed and ready for battle. You should have a primary, secondary, and backup gun.

Your choice of weapon, however, should be appropriate to what you think you’ll be up against. If you need to snipe, for example, a Longshot is recommended.

Consider doing some modifications

Turn a blaster into a more powerful weapon with a few modifications. Just make sure you don’t end up ruining the original weapon though.

Pack more than enough blasters

And we don’t mean just ammo for all your weapons. You must pack food and water as well to keep you energised to keep blasting away until you wipe out all the enemies.

Now, it’s important to just carry one backpack for everything to avoid juggling several bags during battle. With this in mind, avoid loading up too much. Bring only what you need.

Establish a means to communicate with teammates

Bring a walkie-talkie for easy and quick communication with other members of your team. This is especially helpful if someone is carrying out a reconnaissance mission. Stay updated and not in the dark.

Get in shape

Do this long before the scheduled battle. You’ll be able to run much faster and hold your position for longer if you are physically fit. Don’t underestimate the value of exercise even if you’re just going into Nerf war.

Work out the team details

  • Who will be on your team?
  • Do you need to rank people?
  • Who will be the defender, sniper, trooper, and the like?

Because it’s advantageous to have more people on your team, make sure to work out the group details beforehand. Who will join which squad?

Increase your chances of winning with 3 squads. It will also help if you have backups, and that they know what to do should you need them to step up at the last minute.


You won’t win a Nerf war without strategies in place. Now that you know who the team members are, sit down and think about how you can defeat the enemy. Start by knowing your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses.

Lastly, gear up to cover and shield, not just conceal. Wear socks to muffle your movements, wear clothes that will allow you to camouflage with ease.

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