4 Important Considerations for Buying Commercial Refrigeration

Any bistro entrepreneur knows the refrigerators are few of the most important appliances in the kitchen. For those who are buying commercial refrigeration Brisbane wide for the first time, here are some few considerations to remember:

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Energy Usage

Are you an advocate for Mother Earth? If you are, then buy a commercial refrigeration Sydney stores sell that has an Energy Star grade. This means the unit can save 30% of the average energy cost.


  1. Does your business have to store large packs of perishable goods in the fridge? That means you should opt for a unit that has adjustable shelves.
  2. Does it need to be moved around all the time? That means you need a commercial refrigeration Melbourne stores sell that has wheels.
  3. Do you need it to be flexible? That means you should buy a unit with a handful of shelves and drawers.
  4. Do you want a space-efficient unit? That implies you have to opt for a used commercial upright freezer.

The Appropriate Size

This is one crucial aspect when buying commercial refrigeration Brisbane stores sell. Getting the wrong size would be a hassle because of all the adjusting and unnecessary compact footprint in the kitchen.

That’s why before even contacting your dealer, get your metre stick and do some measuring. On the other hand, if you still have your kitchen’s floor plan, figure out the:

– Whole Kitchen area’s dimensions

– Space allotted for your fridge

– The kitchen doorway/s’ height and width

Goes without saying, the fridge you’re planning to buy should fit those three.

Top- or Bottom Mount?

Compressors are responsible for keeping everything inside the fridge cool.

If you want a long-lasting unit and has a few dollars to spare, choose the top mount compressors. They also keep the nearby area cool because the heat rises.

On the other hand, if your business doesn’t have to store that much food stock, you can opt for a bottom mount because they’re cheaper. Only downside though is that it doesn’t last that long. For more details, visit their website at: https://coldsolutions.com.au/commercial-fridges-freezers/

Starter’s Guide to Buying Commercial Refrigerators

If you are just beginning in the food industry, then you will require commercial refrigerators such as a 2 door freezer for sale, 2 door display fridge, or a gelato display freezer. These pieces of equipment are all crucial in maintaining the freshness and shelf life of your products, which will have a direct effect on the success of your organisation. However, you need to bear in mind that these systems can be quite pricey. That is why you must consider all the essential aspects of these pieces of equipment before buying them:

2 door freezer for sale


You should determine how regularly you will be utilizing these fridges. If they will be your main source of ingredients and the main component in your cooking area, then it is best to go for the heavy-duty units.

On the other hand, if you are going to utilize them only for storage purposes, which indicates that you will be accessing them on an irregular basis, then it is just great to opt for the medium-duty systems.


When shopping a cake display fridge Brisbane has today, for instance, you will discover top-mounted systems, which usually last longer than bottom-mounted units. Bottom-mounted systems normally have more storage and are much easier to repair, provided that their compressors are simply simple to reach.


To figure out the best size, you should consider the amount of space and stock that you are having. And obviously, you must likewise consider your budget plan. Bigger fridges usually cost more, so your options might be limited somehow by what you can manage.

Energy Performance

In considering energy performance, buying refrigerators can be tricky. You have to be determined on what you’re going to prioritize because not all refrigeration units that are “environment-friendly” match your restaurant’s required usage.

Understanding how effective your systems will take in energy is necessary to obtain a concept of their running costs and how friendly they are to the environment. To identify the most energy-efficient business refrigerators, you can search for some indicator on their body, which generally can be found in the kind of a star rating. Generally, those that have top-mounted compressors consume lesser energy than their bottom-mounted equivalents due to their simple thermodynamic nature.

Room Temperature level

The heat where you position your fridges will have a considerable effect on their performance. Generally, light-duty units would not have the ability to take the stress and manage a regularly cool temperature level when running in a hot environment. When looking for commercial fridges for a room with high ambient temperature levels, for example, you may desire to go for the heavy-duty models.


Given that commercial fridges such as a 2 door freezer for sale are an important and costly financial investment, it is of absolute value to understand the basics when buying them. By thinking about all the points pointed out above, you will be able to choose systems that will not just fit your requirements but fit your spending plan too. More details at https://coldsolutions.com.au/product/2-door-upright-freezer-buy/

Tried and Tested Energy Saving Tips for Commercial Fridges

While it’s true that commercial fridges and freezers are essential in restaurants, supermarkets, and fast food outlets, they also require lots of cash to run. Essential to food operations and grocery stores, commercial fridges operate round the clock to keep items cold or frozen. No wonder commercial fridges Brisbane wide consume around 17,000 kilowatts of electricity whereas freezers consume around 38,000 kilowatts. This sometimes results in high electricity bills.

Commercial fridges Brisbane has today that earned the ENERGY STAR rating are 20 percent more economical than regular models. Since they are designed with elements like ECM evaporator and condenser fan motors, high-efficiency compressors, or hot gas anti-sweat heaters, you will notice a considerable decrease in energy consumption and utility bills. Selecting energy-efficient models and creating a couple of operational changes can make a big difference to your electricity bills. While commercial refrigeration sales Melbourne wide are high among business owners, it is also important to consider its energy consumption rate. Below are a few tried and tested ways on how you can save on energy while using commercial fridges.

  • Keep the cooling system clean – Ensuring the condenser and evaporator coils are dust-free helps improve heat transfer, therefore lowering the amount of energy used. It is also a smart idea to follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for equipment maintenance. Cleaner coils optimise the heat transfer within the refrigerations system and consume less energy.
  • Install motion detectors for case lighting – How many times have you ever gone into your walk-in commercial fridge or deep-freezer only to realize that somebody has left the light on? To avoid this dilemma and save on your energy bills, consider putting in motion sensor lighting that automatically switches on once someone enters and switches off once more when they leave. You can also upgrade to LED lighting in refrigerators as they give off less heat as well as consumes less energy and lasts longer.
  • Ensure that gaskets have a decent seal – This prevents heat, damp air from coming into the refrigerator that forces it to work tougher so the inside remains cool. The cooler your refrigerator, the less energy is consumed and minimise wastage of food. Door gaskets and seals will be problematic from time to time and a leaky seal will cause heat air to enter the refrigeration compartments if it’s not functioning correctly. Not only will it lead to energy wastage, it would also spoil your food. So make sure that all seals and gaskets are in good working condition all the time.

Commercial fridges Brisbane wide are designed and tested in view of business operations. That is why commercial refrigeration sales Brisbane stores offer usually target restaurant owners. They are expected to keep food items in good temperatures even when placed in a hot kitchen and despite frequent door openings. Commercial fridges and freezers that meet these new criteria will provide crucial savings funds to commercial kitchen services.

There are various ways that restaurateurs and managers can change their refrigeration items and methods to diminish energy use. Some of them are amazingly simple and moderate. Others might be more work-intensive or costly when you think of the initial investment, yet can pay off immensely down the road. If you want to look at commercial refrigeration sales Sydney shops offer, you can visit the nearest shops that sell fridges or you can also visit http://coldsolutions.com.au/ for more details.

How to Hire a Professional Shop Fitter

When looking for the best Sunshine Coast shop fitters, doing a little research online for reliable professionals can be a great help. However, you need to know the details of what you really need. Even if you get the help of your friends, family, and colleagues, you still need to know what considerations you should make firsthand. Below are the 5 basic qualifications that you must look for when choosing the right shop fitter.

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Industry Knowledge

When looking for the right shop fitters in Sunshine Coast, consider not only their skills in drawing and designing. You need to also find out if they know how to use the computer not only for their specific skills but for the whole business that they are in.

Attention to Detail

There are a lot of things to look at when shop fitting. You need to look at every angle, colour, and design. A good shop fitter should have great attention to detail and must be accurate with their work. Eliminating or adding things into the overall design (if necessary) should also be their job.

Ability to Work as a Team

The best shop fitters Sunshine Coast has must not only be adept with their own skills. They must also know how to work well with other people – from engineers to interior designers, as well as with the shop owner. Communication is a must for them in order to deliver the best results.

Good with Numbers

Simple math and arithmetic are essential for a shopfitter as the job involves a lot of measurements and mathematical equations especially on procuring materials and analysing overall weights, shapes, and sizes. If you are hiring a person who isn’t good with numbers, there will be no guarantee of your expectations being met.

Physically Fit

Lastly, you can’t hire Sunshine Coast shop fitters who are sickly. Choosing a physically fit shopfitter is good for your business as this can make the work accurate and of high quality. Poor physical health can slow down the work and will drag things out beyond the deadline.

3 Other Things to Know When Choosing a Shopfitter

Full-Time Contract

When you hire Sunshine Coast shop fitters who can handle the entire project, you are saving yourself a lot of trouble as they will become your only point of contact instead of communicating with various tradespeople – interior designers, engineers, architects, material purchasers, and many other people involved in different transactions.


When choosing among the top shop fitters Sunshine Coast can offer, knowing their reputation in the industry will keep you from hiring mediocre servicemen. An excellent shop fitter, just like Project Partner in Queensland and Brisbane, has the qualities that you should be looking for in a shopfitter.

Length of Work Experience

Shopfitting actually covers a wide range of specialities. When hiring shopfitters, make sure that you know what they specialise in. Restaurant shopfitters, for instance, have completely different skills and experiences as those who have been fitting retail establishments and boutiques.