6 Creative Ideas for Home Redecorating Using Wood Panels

Certain types of wood are considered premium materials for construction in terms of durability and aesthetic quality. A lot of Melbourne homeowners love wood because of its cool and sturdy qualities, and a few of their most popular variations for residential construction are wood panels. If you want to try decorating your home with wood panels, you can work with them in many ways such as wood staining Melbourne painters do.


wood staining Melbourne
wood staining Melbourne


Here are some ideas on how to work with wood panels:

Trying out recycled/reclaimed wood fibre panels

Recycled wood fibre is recovered from both before and after production of consumer wood-based panels. Wood with its inherent features and qualities is known for bringing a warm and cozy feel to any home but there is also a specialized type of wood known for its ability to amplify the appeal of a home. Such type includes reclaimed wood panels, which are normally used for flooring but can also be utilized for a host of other uses.

Change the face of your staircase

Are you looking for an innovative way of adding a personality to your worn-out staircases? Reclaimed wood panelling can be a great solution to this issue. It can be used for covering the staircase floors and the sidewalls to make it look much more impressive. For people who are looking to adorn their home with a rustic charm can cover up one entire side of the walls with this kind of panelling.

Give warmth to your room

A fireplace is the central point of any home without the need for any other variation in accent feature. However, a fireplace decorated with the elegant reclaimed wood panels can be a sleek addition to your interior décor. It can pair up seamlessly with a brick wall and the contrast thus created would be eye-catching as well as unique. Even if you don’t have a fireplace in your home, you can do up an entire wall of your living area and place a large television set before it. With minimum furniture, these panels can create a lovely, posh look instantly.

Reclaimed wood for embellishing entry halls

You can use reclaimed wood to make your entry hall even more appealing and inviting. It’s important for a homemaker to make the guests and visitors feel at home with the inclusion of right materials in a nice contrast. Thus, when you want a more modern and contemporary appeal for your home, you can pair up the wood panels with materials like metal and glass.

Decorate your kitchen walls with the recycled wall panels

There are various ways in which you can decorate your kitchen area with the reclaimed wood panels. For instance, you can give your kitchen a farmhouse-inspired island with wood in geometric shapes or eclectic looks. You can also add up several types of reclaimed wood, each varying in texture, finish, and colour. You can combine them in a puzzle-like manner and change the appearance of the island into a charming piece of attraction in the whole kitchen area.

Though it can be a bit difficult to make an office area feel warm and comfortable, it can be easily achieved with reclaimed wood paneling. With the right texture and accessories, your home can be changed into a posh place with the aid of these recycled wood panels.

Stain your wooden panels

Any wood panel on the wall or door could benefit from a wood staining Melbourne painters can do. A Melbourne wood staining brings out the wood’s natural beauty but seals them in with a few coatings of clear paint. In a way, you could say that a wood staining in Melbourne brings out the vibrant side of the wood panels but also adds an all-new shine to it. However, remember that staining is tricky and has no room for mistakes even in the first application of the coating. For that reason, you must only hire a reputable wood staining Melbourne service provider.

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