The concept that began in the 16th century never turned back in terms of innovation. The design of wooden watches is one of them. Wood is now more than a piece of furniture. Soft and flexible wood has made its way over your wrist for style statement! Lorenzo, being the first in designing this piece of remarkable product, has been a benchmark in the fashion world. Choices are not limited to Americano, Cork and Ebony, but also Emboya and Tiger rose.

Changing Fashion

Wooden watches have been a result of changing trend in fashion, uniqueness and demand. Animal lovers – the invention of this product is a perfect replacement over leather wrist straps.

Wood watches for men have been a benchmark for luxury and are all-natural for him. These exquisite wooden watches are eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic. Some watches are even made of natural sandalwood material, giving a unique and comfortable experience. So are the wooden sunglasses. See more at WeWOOD

Why Prefer Wooden Watches and Sunglasses

Wooden watches and sunglasses are exceptionally light in weight and special, fairly convenient and portable for travelling. These are efficient and are a perfect fusion of organic style as well as high tech motifs. This piece of wood will make you stand out in all purposes; be it causal or business occasions.

The Beginning

Wooden jewellery came into limelight in the 1930s. However, the invention of plastic led to a reduction in the use of wood due to more weight and other factors. Use of wood has again gained its pace, understanding the blend of viability and style. And hence, wooden watch originated. Although people didn’t get the concept initially, the demand for these products increased manifold.

Wooden Watches – Amazing Products

Handmade Wooden Watches are rare, unique products that are not produced in mass.

Automatic Wooden Watches are motorised by an internal dynamo and have a mechanism to twist automatically.

Waterproof Wooden Watches are competent of bearing up to 100 metres of depth.

About the manufacturers of these watches

Also, there are some companies which use recycled and viable materials to create remarkable and sumptuous WeWOOD wooden watches. They remove any sort of environmentally harmful products and reinstate resources with the very product. These companies create such wooden watches with a robust obligation towards environmental responsibility.

The product has reached every corner of the world. Its uniqueness lies in the design where the manufacturer knows that wood should not be used for movement due to difficulty in creating a precise and steady movement. This is due to the fact that no two wooden pieces are equal. The main use of wood in a wooden watch is in making straps or cases and even in the faces of the watches.

It is known that wood is actually very light in weight. This helps in creating an ideal piece for fashion lovers who do not like dense and intense watches on their wrists.

It’s a fact that every wooden watch is divergent, highlighting the quirk of its wearer. Besides, wooden watches appear more beautiful when these grow older. This is because a piece of wood becomes more attractive in its appearance with age. This property is exclusive!

Modern and Yet Ethnic Wooden Watches

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